Dear Families of Kids  with PKU,

as sometimes money runs short when it comes to the esssential low protein nutrition for your son or daugther with PKU, we would like to make life a bit easier for your PKU kid, if you depend on social welfare. You may want to apply for a 5 percent discount on all PKU food products from now on. Please submitt your documents to . We need a proof oft the name of your son or daugther with PKU, address  and birthday all testified by your metabolic center and an official document of your social welfare qualification. Then you will be granted the 5 percent discount if your order is paid by PAYPAL.

Please contact me for further information at

Best regards


Johannes Röhr
March 11, 2016

(Father of two young sons with PKU and one daugther)

To be qualified for the foundation, please send your information per e-mail to: