Payment / Dispatch

Our objective

You can buy as many valuable low-protein food products (with up to 3 g of protein per 100 g) and dietary products for your daily protein-reduced diet from Delifirst as you need.

Our concept

The Delifirst bulk orders from selected manufacturers allow you access to a large selection of products, saving you money (shipping costs) and time with one order. If you are looking for more matching food products, we will adjust our product range. Share your suggestions with us by email to


Please place your order by Friday at Delifirst.
Our aim is to deliver your order to your specified address by the following Friday. We will inform you promptly by email if it may be delayed (e.g. due to public holidays).


You should receive the latest goods when placing an order. We avoid long interim storage times and immediately sort the bulk consignments from the manufacturers according to your order. If an item from your order is not available for any reason whatsoever, we will contact you.


In your best interest, the shipment of fresh baked goods receives priority. The goods are baked on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday. Should there be a delay (e.g. public holidays, business-related reasons), you will be notified by email.

The Delifirst cool box system:
In your interest, maintaining and ensuring the cold chain receives priority at Delifirst. As a consequence of this quality claim we will not ship chilled products on hot summer days. Hot days are defined as days with an average daytime temperature of above 20 degrees at the place of dispatch and destination.

If we cannot ensure proper refrigerated transport, we will notify you by email, and arrange with you how to proceed further.

To ensure the cooling of your selected products over two days, we will add up to 2.8 kg coolant (can be recycled) to the insulation box.

For goods that must be sent by cool box, we charge a €5 fee, regardless of the number of cool box products ordered.

If you have any questions about this service, please email us Thank you very much.


We check that your package is complete and undamaged prior to shipping. The quality stamp with signature and date is your confirmation of inspection.



You should receive your ordered goods without damage in transit as far as possible. We pack your goods in a double-flute, sturdy packaging and fill spaces with eco-friendly wrapping paper. You will recognise your order immediately by the white Delifirst tape with the squirrel.



The leading logistics companies UPS and DHL will deliver your goods safely and reliably. We will inform you by email when your order is on its way, and you will receive a package tracking number that you can track on your own on the Internet.


Your expectations should be met at Delifirst. To meet this claim, for now we are focusing on the delivery of goods to addresses in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Shipping costs

 The flat rate shipping and handling costs per started 10 kg package are €5 inclusive of VAT.

New: international shipping costs launched on January 2016

Germany (shipping costs sponsored by Vitaflo Pharma Germany) € 5 per 10 kg
European Union € 20 per 10 kg  
Switzerland   € 40 per 10 kg  

Order value

There is a minimum order value amounting to 35 Euros. 

Payment methods

You can choose between the four proven payment methods of credit card (MasterCard, Visa), PayPal and COD. We need to inform you that there is an additional fee of €7.50 on the COD option.


If you would like more information, please address your queries by email