About us

Our vision

Delifirst is establishing itself as the leading commercial partner with ideas for low-protein dietary nutrition while promoting the exchange of ideas within the community.

Our mission

Delifirst is set to become the independent Web shop for low-protein food where customers determine the product range. Shopping is easy and fun. We do Delifirst as committed family for people with PKU in Europe.

Our values

„Independent“ Our product range is independently put together from various manufacturers and meets with strict quality standards.
„ Fair“ With a maximum of 500 products for low-protein food, we want to offer a large and affordable range.
„Imaginative“ We regularly offer new ideas for low-protein products from around the world.
„Simple“ We strive to make things easier and faster when shopping.
„Reliable“ We rely on the current best security standards for online shops, sophisticated logistics for timely delivery, and the quality promise of the manufacturers.